In succession to the successfully established technical office, ‘Apostolou Hospitality Architecture’, H1 is based on both an extensive and projected experience in all areas of construction.

Some of its basic characteristics are:

Our offices hold in trust a great experience in architectural design and decorative issues, in all areas of construction.

The aim of the company is to offer recommendations and to create suitable conditions for the most efficient exploitation of all kinds of real estate (like) (hotels, residences, industrial spaces, building plots, warehouses).

The company (offices) provide(s) technical applications and design, based on a modern pattern with a state-of-the-art technology in combination with the economical study by competent consultants.Urban planning, design and construction for the disabled and people with special needs.

At the same time, we provide legal coverage by the company’s largest law firm collaborators.

Ability of funding from both Greek and foreign investors, as well as, look into possible funding through banks- Greek or foreign.

Separate renovation department of hotels, residences, business premises, which combines both (good) price and quality.


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